I’m starting a blog about open mics…

JLP and EribaI absolutely love open mics. They are the musical equivalent of a lucky dip. For punters, it’s a free evening out where you can discover a wealth of talent and ability.  For musicians, it’s are a great way to network, meet other musicians, audition for gigs, try out new songs and find out the best places to play all in a low pressure environment.

I have just come back from an experimental tour of a few open mics outside my home county of Kent.  I decided to combine my love of music, open water swimming and glamping and take myself off to the left hand corner of Wales.   There, I went to a couple of brilliant open mic evenings, met some great musicians, was invited into homes to play and ultimately back for some more music later in the year.  Success!!

So, inspired by this trip, I am on a mission to tour the length and breadth of our fine country to uncover and blog about our finest regular open mic and acoustic music events.  I want to feature the people who run them and the sterling bunch of folks who turn up every week to a random audience and play everything from the latest song they wrote to a popular cover.

You will see that I have set aside a special section on the right hand side of this website just for that!

But before I can blog – I need open mics to go to… So, if you run a regular open mic – I would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch!