After Dinner Stints for Local and Live

JLP by Chris Pope (3)
Time is marching on and Local and Live – the annual FREE Tunbridge Wells  music festival will soon be here.

I have been lucky enough to be one of those artists who get to play this festival every year as well as to feature regularly on the roster at The Grey Lady.  Promoter Paul Dunton and his team work tirelessly for free to put this festival on each year.   I want to do my bit so I have come up with a little idea which will make a small contribution and help swell the coffers to say thank you for all the musical opportunities.

So,  I am offering  4 x  After Dinner Stints  to residents in and around Kent at  the knock down price of £30.00 each – 100% of the proceeds from this will go into the Local and Live funds.


What exactly is an After Dinner Stint? 

Basically, I turn up at your house and play an unplugged set of my songs for no more than 30 minutes say between the main course and desert.  Once I am done, I leave.  So simple!

It makes for quite a unique surprise for your guests and there is nothing quite like unplugged music live in your own living room!

So, if you live in or around Kent, are planning a dinner party before the August Bank Holiday weekend – and fancy having a unique and special after dinner unplugged acoustic set live in your own house  – get in touch via the website or Facebook!