You don’t have to be local to discover great new music..

Chris Pope,  who is auctioning off artist pictures to raise money for Local and Live.

If you’re reading this post and you’re from Kent in the UK – there are still two days left to catch some great music at Local & Live. This year it is being staged at various venues (The Forum,  Sankey’s Wine Bar and The Grey Lady ) in the beautiful town of Tunbridge  Wells.

But, you don’t have to be from Kent to discover some great new music! This is my friend,  and fellow musician, Chris Pope.  Last year, he set up a website – an audience with the pope and has spent the last little while populating it with photographs, films and interviews of and with local musicians  as well as collecting a growing number of followers on twitter and facebook.

This weekend, Chris has an exhibition of his  photographs at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells and some of the more iconic shots are being auctioned to raise money for Local and Live 2014.   So, if you are in Kent, it’s well worth checking out. Don’t worry if you aren’t – you can still enjoy all that the Pope has to offer on his website! Win win!


Going Going gone..

Paul Dunton & Chris Pope auctioning a picture of Tom Hunt.