Ukelele heaven is blue and dolphin like….

Archie’s eyes light up in wonder at JLP’s brand spanking new ukelele! ‘It’s so blue and dolphin like’, he whined…..


I took up playing the Ukelele about a year ago and joined TWUNT, a group of highly enthusiastic Ukelele players from Tunbridge Wells.  TWUNT are described as “a drinking club with a ukelele habit”. Over the past 12 months, this twangy plinky plonky little instrument and the people I play it with have grown enormously in my affections.  I have made many new friends, learnt loads of new songs, re-discovered old ones and learned that if you put your mind to it, there really are no limits to what you can do.

After saving up, I have just bought a new uke for “best” – a Luna blue dolphin embellished concert uke.  I will have to wear it with black so its beauty can shine on stage.

I can liken my path to Ukedom as a viral experience but without the aid of a computer.  A friend of a friend mentioned she was in a ukulele band.  She lent me her spare uke to mess around on.  I joined TWUNT, I then mentioned this to another friend, who skipped the messing around bit and went straight to the ukelele shop to buy one.  He, in turn, has introduced 3 newbies to ukelele heaven.   Now that I have two ukuleles I can be a ukelady ambassador.

So, if this post has wetted your appetite for a bit of  ukelele action, TWUNT are having a bit of a fundraiser for the Royal Victoria Hall on Saturday 9th March.    It will be an evening of Ukelele based entertainment interspersed with guest solo spots.  Oh, and the Keston Cobblers Club will be playing too.  Tickets are £9.00.  Click HERE for the ticket link