Tweaking and deeking over – here is the new JLP website!

Well, It’s here! After much tweaking and deeking around – here is the new JLP website! I hope you like it!

Big thanks to Bonnita Moaby who took all the lovely pictures and literally laid down on a very wet sandy beach to get album cover shots while I chased off up the beach after my wayward puppy.   She also designed the CD cover and the website layout.

Thanks also Michael Houghton from Depth of Focus for coding it all up, making all the bits work and moving the house the 6 inches to the left when I asked him to.  It’s like a new house with a bit of furniture in but rest assured over the coming months I will be filling it up with musical loveliness without overcluttering it too much!

If you want to be kept 100% informed of everything, please do sign up to the mailing list. Alternatively or additionally, feel free to like the facebook page, this site will update Facebook and Twitter automatically!

Finally and most importantly, if you want to have a listen to the new CD, click on the shop section which will take you through to CD Baby for digital downloads. A shop for physical product is coming soon but in the meantime, physical CD’s are available direct from me at shows or just get in touch via the site.

I look forward to singing to you soon x.