“She” wasn’t always a “She”!


I have just finished a book called Waterlog by Roger Deakin about swimming around the UK which I can highly recommend!  Next on the book pile is Elizabeth, a book about the life of Elizabeth Taylor. I am filling in the gaps about her since Max (…Gilkes, producer) and I re-worked “Movie Star” for the Moontide CD.   The song used to start with “He was beautiful…” and when I wrote it, I was imagining standing on the pavement (… or should that be the sidewalk..?) watching Colin Firth or Johnny Depp walking up the red carpet casually acknowledging the adoring crowds.

When we came to record the song in its “Moontide” state, the “He was beautiful” lyric just didn’t fit anymore.  Max asked me to imagine  a great movie star while I was singing.  Elizabeth Taylor had died that week and all of a sudden,  it seemed like the song had come to meet her at that absolute point re-recording.  Now I’m a bit obsessed!  I was glued to a recent TV programme about her jewelry showing film of her diving into the pool adorned in a diamond and ruby necklace.  She owned La Pelegrina pearl, also once owned by Mary Tudor and had it re-set so it would sit perfectly on her décolletage to best show it off.   I have all of her films earmarked for rental on LoveFilm.   I am looking forward to every sentence and every scene.

Ukelele heaven is blue and dolphin like….

Archie’s eyes light up in wonder at JLP’s brand spanking new ukelele! ‘It’s so blue and dolphin like’, he whined…..


I took up playing the Ukelele about a year ago and joined TWUNT, a group of highly enthusiastic Ukelele players from Tunbridge Wells.  TWUNT are described as “a drinking club with a ukelele habit”. Over the past 12 months, this twangy plinky plonky little instrument and the people I play it with have grown enormously in my affections.  I have made many new friends, learnt loads of new songs, re-discovered old ones and learned that if you put your mind to it, there really are no limits to what you can do.

After saving up, I have just bought a new uke for “best” – a Luna blue dolphin embellished concert uke.  I will have to wear it with black so its beauty can shine on stage.

I can liken my path to Ukedom as a viral experience but without the aid of a computer.  A friend of a friend mentioned she was in a ukulele band.  She lent me her spare uke to mess around on.  I joined TWUNT, I then mentioned this to another friend, who skipped the messing around bit and went straight to the ukelele shop to buy one.  He, in turn, has introduced 3 newbies to ukelele heaven.   Now that I have two ukuleles I can be a ukelady ambassador.

So, if this post has wetted your appetite for a bit of  ukelele action, TWUNT are having a bit of a fundraiser for the Royal Victoria Hall on Saturday 9th March.    It will be an evening of Ukelele based entertainment interspersed with guest solo spots.  Oh, and the Keston Cobblers Club will be playing too.  Tickets are £9.00.  Click HERE for the ticket link


Advent Star Boulevard.. sort of!

Check out “An Audience With The Pope” website lovingly compiled by that other Pontiff – musician and music fan Chris Pope.  He has put together a very special advent calender featuring people from the Kent music scene.  Today, it’s errrr  me!



Tweaking and deeking over – here is the new JLP website!

Well, It’s here! After much tweaking and deeking around – here is the new JLP website! I hope you like it!

Big thanks to Bonnita Moaby who took all the lovely pictures and literally laid down on a very wet sandy beach to get album cover shots while I chased off up the beach after my wayward puppy.   She also designed the CD cover and the website layout.

Thanks also Michael Houghton from Depth of Focus for coding it all up, making all the bits work and moving the house the 6 inches to the left when I asked him to.  It’s like a new house with a bit of furniture in but rest assured over the coming months I will be filling it up with musical loveliness without overcluttering it too much!

If you want to be kept 100% informed of everything, please do sign up to the mailing list. Alternatively or additionally, feel free to like the facebook page, this site will update Facebook and Twitter automatically!

Finally and most importantly, if you want to have a listen to the new CD, click on the shop section which will take you through to CD Baby for digital downloads. A shop for physical product is coming soon but in the meantime, physical CD’s are available direct from me at shows or just get in touch via the site.

I look forward to singing to you soon x.

Nearly there…

We’re just putting the final pieces of the website together. In the meantime, check out Joanne’s new CD at CD Baby.