“She” wasn’t always a “She”!


I have just finished a book called Waterlog by Roger Deakin about swimming around the UK which I can highly recommend!  Next on the book pile is Elizabeth, a book about the life of Elizabeth Taylor. I am filling in the gaps about her since Max (…Gilkes, producer) and I re-worked “Movie Star” for the Moontide CD.   The song used to start with “He was beautiful…” and when I wrote it, I was imagining standing on the pavement (… or should that be the sidewalk..?) watching Colin Firth or Johnny Depp walking up the red carpet casually acknowledging the adoring crowds.

When we came to record the song in its “Moontide” state, the “He was beautiful” lyric just didn’t fit anymore.  Max asked me to imagine  a great movie star while I was singing.  Elizabeth Taylor had died that week and all of a sudden,  it seemed like the song had come to meet her at that absolute point re-recording.  Now I’m a bit obsessed!  I was glued to a recent TV programme about her jewelry showing film of her diving into the pool adorned in a diamond and ruby necklace.  She owned La Pelegrina pearl, also once owned by Mary Tudor and had it re-set so it would sit perfectly on her décolletage to best show it off.   I have all of her films earmarked for rental on LoveFilm.   I am looking forward to every sentence and every scene.